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Casino Coins Affiliate Program
  • Caribbean Gold
  • English Harbour
  • Silver Dollar
Rating = AVERAGE

Casino Coins is one of the best online casino affiliate programs. Yes, there are other programs out there that offer webmasters a higher percentage, but this program offers high quality service in every aspect for webmasters & the players.

  • Earn up to 35%
  • Potential to earn an additional 5%
  • The best website stats and webmaster resource website
  • Well established and highly trustworthy online casinos

Casino Affiliate Tips

  • Choose a good program

Choosing a good casino affiliate program is the first step towards success. A bad program can lead to failure and your visitors may get ripped off too!

  • Beware of scam casinos
  • Grand Banks
  • Black Widow
Rating = AVERAGE

RichWebmaster offers 2 high quality online casinos to promote. The webmaster site offers great resources and the program is very easy to set up even for beginners.

  • Earn up to 40%
  • Additional income up to 10 tiers
  • Excellent stats and easy-to-navigate webmaster site
  • Great customer service

There are a lot of great online casinos out there as well as a lot bad ones. If you suspect you're dealing with a bad online casino, DROP THEM! You AND your website visitors may not be payed the money you deserve. If you're sending traffic, but the stats say ZERO, I would be suspicious.

  • Market your website

  • Casino Tropez
  • Casino Delrio


Casino Pays represents Casino Tropez and Casino Delrio. The gaming is backed by the popular Playtech software, providing players with high quality graphics and a realistic playing enjoyment.

  • Earn up to 40%
  • Very Reliable Statistics
  • Numerous options for payment
  • A huge variety of banners and resources

Once your website is up and ready to go, you need to get visitors to see your site. One important rule is: DO NOT SPAM! You can submit your site to search engines, use pay-per-click search engine services, exchange banner traffic and links.

Search Engines

  • Captain Cook's
  • Casino Kingdom

Rating = GOOD

Integrity Casinos Ltd. is an online casino backed by Microgaming software and offers a high percentage. The stats, resources, and conversions are not as good some of the other programs, but the customer service is excellent. Overall this is a good casino affiliate program.

  • Earn up to 45%
  • Additional income on referrals
  • Great customer service department


Banner Exchange

  • GPWA

GPWA (The Gambling Portal Webmasters Association) is an association made up webmasters that operate gambling portal websites. Members exchange tips and ideas to provide better service to online casino players. The association also acts as a bridge between webmasters and online casinos for special promotions and also to resolve problems.



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